Shortwave station WWRB at 3.185 MHZ at 10 pm Eastern Standard Time each Wednesday.


Current Show


Current Show
Your hosts for the program are Pastor Thomas Robb and Mrs. Rachel Pendergraft.

What is the Global Minority Report?

The Global Minority Report is a world wide outreach program of Thomas Robb Ministries. Thomas Robb Ministries is dedicated to sounding an alarm throughout the nations. Our white Christian brothers and sisters need to know the wonderful truth about their heritage.

Our Name - Global Minority Report.

Throughout the world we have been conditioned to think of the white race as the majority race.  Because of the tremendous advances made by the white race in the areas of science, medicine, education, exploration, music and the arts, it is often easy for white people to forget that they DO NOT make up the majority of the world's population.  In fact, the white race is the world's minority race. 

Where Can this Radio Program be heard?

The Global Minority Report can be heard on Shortwave station WWRB at 3.185 MHZ at 10 pm Eastern Standard Time each Wednesday.

You may listen to archived programs on this site or order a copy of the program to share with your friends.

How You can Help?

Our program can be heard on shortwave throughout the central and northern U.S., all of Canada, Alaska and Russia including Eastern Europe.  Please help us expand our outreach to the rest of the U.S., Western Europe and wherever our brothers and sisters have settled.  If you would like to be a sponsor of the program please make your contribution to the Global Minority Report and send to PO Box 354, Bergman, AR 72615

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Your Hosts for the Program

Your hosts for the program are Pastor Thomas Robb and Mrs. Rachel Pendergraft.  Pastor Robb received his Bachelor of Theology Degree at the Rocky Mountain Bible Institute in Evergreen, CO and his doctorate through independent study with Dr. Roy Gillispie of Bellflower, CA.  Mr. Robb is editor of The Torch, a monthly publication of Thomas Robb Ministries, and he pastors the Church of Jesus Christ - non-denominational.  Mrs. Rachel Pendergraft is a well known spokeswoman for the white Christian movement, lecturer, writer, and home schooling mother of three.

Our Goal for the Program

The subject of the program will revolve around 3 main issues.

1. Who is the white race?

A. Our outreach is to men and women of the white race regardless of religious background.

B. The program will attempt to reconnect the white race with the knowledge of their true identity as the sons and daughters of God.

C. The program will encourage a love of heritage.

2. Problems Affecting the white Race.

A. Problems of a Spiritual nature.

B. Problems due to a lack of inspired leadership and/or not heeding the warnings of inspired leadership that does exist.

3. Solutions: The program will work to encourage positive action on the part of white men and women as a result of the knowledge that they have a special relationship with Jesus Christ as their kinsmen redeemer.

A. National Repentance.

B. Racial Integrity.

C. Reliance on Jesus Christ.

Christian Identity Pack

E-mail us at mail@christianidentitychurch.net and ask for your free Christian Identity info pack.  We appreciate any offering to assist in postage and printing cost. You can use Paypal if you wish. Also, be sure to check out the wide selection of white history books at whiteheritagestore.net

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